Web Services

At Talentportals we both understand and have expertise in using the web and in developing websites and web applications. Our history in assisting clients with their recruitment and staffing technology means we are also often asked to help clients with their other web requirements.

In our recruitment technology business we provide Career Websites / Portals, Campaign Microsites, Talent Portals, Employee Referral Systems and our Recruitment Management System products. We also provide Web Marketing services to clients. In recruitment terms, this includes using web search techniques and web advertising to uncover those hard to reach good quality potential candidates who are not active on job boards. However we now also have a growing portfolio of clients where we manage their web advertising and promotion resources as whole.

Website provision

We have built a considerable expertise in delivering highly functional websites. The tools, technologies and expertise we learnt doing recruitment sites makes us well placed to also provide more general website building and design services to our clients. We have a particular interest and expertise in delivering database driven sites. These websites can both capture information and deliver structured database information to users either within or external to the client organisation. Examples include lead marketing, customer contact marketing and support sites. We also design mobile web sites using both mobile optimised techniques and the newer responsive website technologies and methods.

Web Marketing

We have for some time been delivering web advertising and marketing services for clients. This sees us using web advertising to drive visitor traffic to client sites. It is a powerful advertising capability and well suited to targeting to potential customers and of course in the case of recruitment sites - prospective candidates.

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