The Talentportals Approach

There are four main pillars in our approach that are both a distinctive aspect of our proposition and contribute greatly towards the benefits we deliver. They are:

1. Technological

Using the latest and most advanced industry technologies and techniques as a technology services provider of recruitment based software and systems. We invest and develop in systems and tools that can deliver more efficient and effective recruitment, HR and staffing services for our Partners, Resellers and Clients and which we can deploy in their businesses and be configured to work to their needs.
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2. Virtual

Providing technology and process infrastructure that allows us to; work flexibly, work where we need to be and to take advantage of lower costs and scalability. We invest in systems that can be deployed on an as needed basis so our clients and Partners can access technology cost effectively, when and where they need it.

3. Co-operative

As a founding principal we actively seek to work with others and in particular we work with Partners and Resellers to provide added-value to clients. Through this, we stay focussed on where we add value, become more efficient, open to new ideas and ways of working and deliver more for our clients.

As an example; in our Web Services business we take pains to ensure we monitor new trends and have as part of our network access to organisations who provide niche services in specialist complementary technical areas such as graphics design, viral marketing campaigns and online reputation management.
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4. Professional

We rely on expertise in delivering the combination of HR and Recruitment that makes us effective for our clients. This means we invest in and evidence our professionalism and expertise. As part of this we seek to join and actively support industry organisations and bodies that aim to increase standards and professionalism in both HR and Recruitment and to receive accreditation for professional standards through them.

Our Consultants are members of the UK CIPD or HRINZ and hold accreditations with either the Recruitment Society of the UK or the RCSA (Australia and New Zealand) and individually hold memberships and accreditations with further organisations including: Chartered Institute of Marketing, Institute of Directors and the Project Management Association.