Products and Services

We supply and build systems including: Recruitment Management Systems, Talent Portals, Applicant Tracking, Career Portals and Jobboard Portals to help employers gain efficiency and effectiveness in their recruitment. We also build campaign websites, corporate websites and manage web marketing services for clients.
You can see each of our product areas in the boxes below. Click a box to see more details of that product service area.

In each of our product/service areas we have the same proposition - we supply and build software based systems that :
  1. Help employers gain efficiency and effectiveness in their recruitment.
  2. Provide a platform for our reseller partners to deliver added-value recruitment services to their clients.
  3. Are fully configured to meet a client's individual needs. We tightly integrate with your branding and your own recruitment process to ensure the system supports the way you work and not the other way round

The systems are modular - click the button below for details of popular add-on modules
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Careers Portals

Our best value system. Ideal for the small to mid sized organisation. It covers Applicant Tracking, Vacancy Publishing, Screening and Shortlisting. Further add-ons also available.

Recruitment Management Portals

A complete and fully featured recruitment portal system with structured workflow. Lots of configuration options and modules to choose from.

Talent Portals

One of the cheapest and most effective means of developing a high quality candidate base for filling vacancies. Available for employer and industry groups.

Campaign Sites

An ideal complement to existing systems. They are ideal where you need a lot of staff within a short time to e.g. staff up a new facility. Also popular for graduate and Intern programmes.

Jobboard Portals

A productised offering for business associations or member based organisations. A great way of adding value to your membership with many features and configurable options.

Web Services

Our web management and marketing business. We build and manage websites, e-commerce facilities, Jobboards, campaign microsites, referral and customer contact portals.