Campaign Portals

Campaign Portals are just what's needed when you need lots of staff within well defined groups. Classic examples are where you have to staff a new country operation, fill a call centre, manage a graduate intake or an Intern programme or simply where you have to recruit a relatively larger intake of certain positions.

Where you have such a need, both HR and your existing systems can often get overloaded or become unwieldy. A Campaign Portal can really help with workload and augment your existing HR and recruitment resources and systems. The system is built on the same configurable platform as that of our other Recruitment Software systems and uses the same middleware tools for customisation and workflow. Its big advantage is that it can be deployed quickly and you can open it up to both your own HR but also any managers involved or any third parties assisting with staffing.
Our Campaign Portals are designed so that they can be readily used as recruiting hub at the centre of your marketing activity to prospective candidates. Like our other portal products it makes extensive use of links so that it is ideal for complementing social network marketing. You can quickly and easily setup scoring so you can filter applicants and you can also integrate it with screening options.

Campaign Portals do the heavy lifting when you need to recruit a big intake and where speed, efficiency, integrating other in the workflow and ease of use are prime considerations.

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