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Recruitment systems to make you more Effective...
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Attract more suitable candidates
Reduce Time-to-Hire
30% typical
Engage your Managers
They can use the system with minimal training
Improve your process compliance
Maximise use of Talent Pools and Referrals
Two of most effective recruitment methods
Recruitment Management, Talent and Career Portals designed for employers to work the way they work...
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Configurable Workflow
Deployed in your branding/look
Add/Remove fields
Control who accesses what
Choice of modules - all upgradable
Multi-Country, multi-site and multi-user
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Recruitment Management, Talent and Career Portals designed for employers to work the way they work...
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Branded in your look
Only presents the parts you actually use
Clean layouts
On-screen help
All screens configurable the way you want them
Use on desktop or tablet
(mobile phone option also available)
Recruitment Systems to make you more Efficient...
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Reduce time spent on administration
50% reduction typical
Less latter-stage process attrition
25% reduction typical
Reduce Time-to-Hire
30% reduction typical
A fast and easy to use system
Can be used by your managers with minimal training

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Service your clients...
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Sell to your clients and add your own margin
Reseller OEM agreements available
Ideal for outsourcing a clients recruitment
All IT support and configuration done on your behalf
Configurations allow you to sell added value services such as:
Needs Analysis, Screening, Assessment, Shortlisting, Interview support, Process Management, Provence Checks, Onboarding...

Careers Portals

Our best value system. Ideal for the small to mid sized organisation. It covers Applicant Tracking, Vacancy Publishing, Screening and Shortlisting. Further add-ons also available.

Recruitment Management Portals

A complete and fully featured recruitment portal system with structured workflow. Lots of configuration options and modules to choose from.

Talent Portals

One of the cheapest and most effective means of developing a high quality candidate base for filling vacancies. Available for employer and industry groups.

Campaign Sites

An ideal complement to existing systems. They are ideal where you need a lot of staff within a short time to e.g. staff up a new facility. Also popular for graduate and Intern programmes.

Jobboard Portals

A productised offering for business associations or member based organisations. A great way of adding value to your membership with many features and configurable options.

Web Services

Our web management and marketing business. We build and manage websites, e-commerce facilities, Jobboards, campaign microsites, referral and customer contact portals.